Bathroom Water Stopper Flood Barrier Rubber Dam Silicon Blocker Dry And Wet Separation Home Improve Kitchen Accessories


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  • Certification: CE
  • Origin: CN(Origin)

Shower Barrier Bathroom And Kitchen Water Stopper Collapsible Threshold Water Dam Shower Barrier And Retention System Bathroom

Size: 1m (the specific size is shown in the figure)

Material: Silicone rubber

– Perfect for wheelchair accessible, accessibility or ADA showers with low or no lip or threshold and can even be installed as a corner water blocker. Perfect quick dam flood barrier.

– High quality silicone corrosion resistant high temperature resistant wear resistant We guarantee that you can use it for a long time without worrying.

– Shower water blocking strips offers an indiscrete barrier to stop the water escaping the shower area. The translucent colour helps the seal to blend in with its surroundings.

– Variable sizes are available. Please measure your using room size firstly, then cut it as easily as needed into the desired length.


Installation Precautions: 

1. Wipe the water and dust on the ground;

2. Determine the installation position of the water retaining strip and mark it on the ground with a pen;

3. Remove the adhesive and stick the water retaining strip to the ground according to the marked position;

4. Seal the glass glue at the position where the two ends of the water retaining strip are in contact with the wall;

5. Put the glass glue on both sides of the water barrier and apply it evenly. It can be used after 48 hours.


note:Please make sure to keep the floor dry before use, and peel off the red label to stick it freely. You cannot move the position after pasting. After pasting, still keep the ground dry, please put it into use after 48 hours. This paste effect will be better.

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